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Passages of Transformation | Matthew Radford

An essay accompanying the Passages of Transformation exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space by the artist Matthew Radford. 

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An Interview with Nick Malone | MK Gallery

An interview with Nick Malone, speaking about his work Eustace and Makepeace - Their Final Encounter as part of the MK Calling 2020 exhibition at the MK Gallery.

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Nick Malone Interview | Bermondsey Project Space

Nick Malone talks about his exhibition The Disappearance of Makepeace - A Tale of Two Lives at Bermondsey Project Space.

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The Disappearance of Makepeace | Sacha Craddock 

A catalogue essay accompanying The Disappearance of Makepeace: A Tale of Two Lives exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space. 

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Nick Malone Crossing Art Forms | Singulart

An interview with Singulart. 

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In the Studio with Painter Nick Malone | Rise Art

A video interview with Rise Art. 

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Travelling through Time and Space: Meaning and Interpretation in the Work of Nick Malone | Anna McNay

A catalogue essay accompanying A Tale of Two Live exhibition at Bermondsey Project Space. 

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Passages Essay | JJ Charlesworth

A catalogue essay accompanying the Passages exhibition at the SW1 Gallery written by JJ Charlesworth

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Contemporary British Abstract Landscapists | Imy Antel

Extract from PHD Thesis by Imy Antel, Lecturerer in Modern and Contemporary Art at The University of Kent, Canterbury. 

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New Work by Nick Malone: The Earth Moved | Libby Anson

An article by Libby Anson, originally published in Contemporary Art Volume 2 | Number 3 

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A New Exhibition by Nick Malone | Gregory Desjardins

A catalogue essay accompanying the Chambers exhibition at the e1 Gallery written by Gregory Desjardins. 

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Introduction to the Work of Nick Malone  | Libby Anson

A catalogue essay accompanying the Recovering exhibition at the e1 Gallery written by Libby Anson. 

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