Jason Smith's Nocturnal Opera


The book involve narratives of encounter and change, leading the reader in an adventure of poetry, prose and artwork through one night in one house, moving with its eponymous hero from room to room in different encounters. The drawing of the house acts as a Contents Page where Jason's route can be identified by the chapter numbers. Jason Smith's Nocturnal Opera was publiched by The Cinnamon Press.


The Burial of Crispin Pyke


"Verses of the highest quality ... Vivid, thoughtful and unusual" Agenda


"Demonstratably talented work" The Sunday Times


"A notable achievement of arresting and origional quality ... a powerful, metaphysical force with passages of great beauty" Iron


"Rich language that cries out to be spoken" Eastword


"Strong, tender and admirably taut ... with the skill to write extended meditation in the line of Lucretius, Donne's Second Anniversarie and Gerontion" New Poetry


"On reading this obscure masterpiece I was astonished that I had not heard of this poet/ artist before. The sensinbilty of a beat poet is fused with the artistry of an abstract artist. Burroughs has nothing on Malone"  Amazon UK

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