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The Disappearance of Makepeace - A Tale of Two Lives

Bermondsey Project Space | London |

About the Exhibition

The show is underpinned by a mystery thriller, a graphic novel tracing the relationship of Eustace and Makepeace, from their first childhood meeting to their final encounter; it is a story of disappearance, mystery and murder, and is an adventure on how to become an artist. It is based on events in Nick Malone’s own life. 

You Can Listen to a Shortened Podcast of the Graphic Novel Here:

The Disappearance of Makepeace Short.mp3Nick Malone
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The ground floor (Gallery I), relates to podcast one, the first encounter of Eustace and Makepeace as children, and the first floor, (Gallery II), to podcast eight - their final encounter.

The exhibition crosses art forms, exploring issues of metamorphosis, dissolution and change through different media, while engaging the viewer on several levels. Installed works, some of which occupy a third space between painting or drawing and sculpture, deal with an inner mythology through dissolving planes, and can be viewed solely in terms of their visual dynamics; other canvasses operate through near-abstraction. The works can also be seen to interact with the text of the graphic novel that sets them within a wider context of narrative, adventure and dream.

The graphic novel operates by using windows cut into the pages that open 'trap doors' into different co-existing text and imagery, and there are equivalent partitions installed in the gallery space that operate in the same way, with windows cut in the canvas opening into different worlds. The exhibition combines installation, images, animation and soundscape to enable words and visual dynamics to interact and operate in new ways.

Gallery Film: Nick Malone Discussing the Exhibition

Read the Catalogue with an Essay by Sacha Craddock

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