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The Disappearence of Makepeace - A Tale of Two Lives

The Disappearance of Makepeace - A Tales of Two Lives by Nick Malone is a story on how to become an artist, taken respectively from the journals of Eustace Benedict Smith and James Augustus Makepeace.

The journals were discovered in the attic of Nick Malone's London House in Yew Street and both journals are read by him; they underpin his exhibition of the same name which will run in London from 6th to 10th November 2018 at Art Bermondsey Project Space, sponsored by Olympus. ​

A mystery thriller tracing the relationship of Eustace and Makepeace, from their childhood meeting to their final encounter, it is a story of disappearance, mystery and murder, and an adventure on how to become an artist. It is based on events in Nick Malone's own life.

1 - A Childhood Encounter - Nick Malone
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2 - Worlds of Exploration - Nick Malone
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